How to post free listing on Public Ads
Click on the Post Free Ad button
If you don't have an account and don't want to register yet, just choose a category, and you are ready to post your classified ad.
You can also register for an Public Ads account by providing your basic contact information. You will then be asked to upload photos, provide an title as well as a description for your ad.
Immediately after this very fast and simple registration process is complete you are ready to post.
If you already have an Public Ads account, simply login and follow the process.
Posting listings on Public Ads is FREE.
Did you know?
When you post a Featured, Top or Highlighted Ad with Public Ads, your listings automatically go live on the social networks like Twitter & Facebook.
How many Ads can I post on Public Ads?
You can post 20 Free unique Ads without registration except (Dog Breeders Categories). If you are registered user on Public Ads, you can post 20 free Unique ads to all categories. Unique means that the Ads are substantially different from each other (Title & Description). Please do not post the same Ad over and over again. This restriction is in place to prevent users from "spamming" the site.
How long my Ads will appear online?
Currently listings on Public Ads expire after 31 days. After that, if you don't delete your Ad/Ads, it will automatically be posted live on the site. It is your responsibility to remove ads from the site after you sold your item or mark them as sold, otherwise it will be automatically be posted after expiration date.
Please Note: You can't mark your Ad as sold or rented if you are not registered user.
How do I share an ad on Facebook/Twitter/etc?
Once you have the ad open, look on your right. There is a column called “Share this ad” a list of places you can click on to share your ad; Facebook, Twitter, and email among many others.
How to get Listed in the Business Directory & what you get ?
1. First you need to register on the business directory's page, it's FREE.
2. We suggest that you use the same user-name & password if you have already been registered on the Public Ads website.
3. Login to your account & click on the button on the top right corner Add Business and follow instructions.
4. Please Note: Directory Page Listing will cost you $30 per month.
5. After you have made a payment we will activate your Directory Page & notify you that your Directory Page is Active.
6. You get 1 year Directory listing with up to 700 words description, 12 pictures, website link, social links & youtube link.


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